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As never before pastors are under attack spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Satan is doing everything possible to destroy pastors across the nation.

Your pastor faces spiritual and emotional attack every day. The expectations placed on pastors are enormous. Pastors are expected to be super-Christians, powerful leaders, steadfast theologians, financial wizards and fundraisers, meet every need of every person in the church, work 60-70 hours a week, and maintain the perfect home life.

The pastor is to have the wisdom of Solomon, preach like the apostle Paul, have the faith of Peter, lead like a CEO, be a counselor, physiologist, have the mercy of Mother Theresa, and walk in humility.

As the expectations have risen, the respect for pastors has plummeted. In a recent list of most respected professions, the pastor came in just above “car salesman.”

Satan knows that as the pastor goes, so goes the church. If he can destroy pastors, then he can ruin churches. We must to stand by our pastors giving them the prayer support they so desperately need.Praying For Pastors is designed to help you pray more consistently and effectively for your pastor.

Praying For Pastors is designed to help you pray more consistently and effectively for your pastor.

Join us, and pray for your pastor daily.

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“Few things are more important than for church members to pray for their pastors. The National Prayer Room has done a remarkable thing in providing guidance for church members to pray for their pastors.
I know you will want to join this army of intercessors and begin to pray for your pastor daily!”


Jimmy Draper

Pastor, Author, Christian Leader / President Emeritus LifeWay

Here Are a Few Things You Will Pray for Your Pastor

  • Help Him Empower Leaders
  • Live Above Reproach
  • Take on the Full Armor of God
  • Meet His Financial Needs
  • Empower His Preaching
  • Keep Him Morally Pure
  • Heal His Past Wounds
  • Fear Only God
  • Keep Him From Loneliness
  • Have a Servant’s Heart
  • Have a Servant’s Heart
  • Be A Man of Prayer
  • Not Grow Weary
  • A Man of Integrity
  • Protect His Wife

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